A downloadable game for Windows and Android

-Added explosive barrels
-Added bigger enemies that spawn occasionally
-Added powerups that change player's abilities for a short time
-Added a way to recover health (over time in the fire mode and with a powerup in any case)
-Increased player's health
-Limited the player's maximum velocity
-Each spawner now has an individual delay, so enemies won't always spawn four at a time
-Added a trail to better follow the player
-Added a minimap
-Increased map size
-Improved paddle's AI
-Increased shoot backlash to give more control to the player
-In fire mode, explosions and backlash will have no effect on the trajectory and speed of the player
-Changed soundtrack, reduced overall volume of sound effects
-Reduced post processing, added more particles and bloom
-Implemented a screen shake with every nwarby explosion
-Added some buttons in the menu (will work in a future update)
-Added music and sfx toggle icons in the menu
-Minor bug fixes

Score as many points as you can

You play as an air hockey puck. Enemies will explode if you shoot or hit them.
Any nearby explosion will reduce your health bar. Once it gets to zero, you'll catch fire and break any wall you hit until you regain health.
You die when you fall down the table.

CONTROLS (keyboard and mouse):

Mouse Aim
Left mouse buttonShoot
EscBack to the main menu / quit
NToggle sound effects
MToggle music
BDecrease/increas the overall volume

CONTROLS (gamepad):

Left Stick
Aim and shoot (automatic while aiming)
APlay / play again
BBack to the main menu / quit


Every second of surviving
5 pts
Hitting something with a bullet10 pts
Killing an enemy
50 pts
Destroying a barrel60 pts
Killing a big enemy200 pts

While using a controller, buttons may not work when clicked with the mouse

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip file and launch the executable


Air Hockey on Fire.zip 29 MB
AirHockey.apk 33 MB
Kahockey.zip (old version) 29 MB

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