Your beloved ghostess has been cursed! Take care of her by colleting curses and artifacts in this puzzle platform

WASD to move
Space to jump (hold to fly with the powerup)
Q to drop curse
Esc to return to the main menu

Music, design and code by me
Assets and fonts by Kenney
SFX by Kenney, with a little use of Audacity and Bfxr

If you liked this game, try out my others: "Not Today" and "Air Hockey on Fire"


Download 20 MB
Dead men ain't made for loving.wav 4 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip file for windows
Extract it into a folder
Launch the .exe file


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Some nice level of thinking needed to get through.

I found a glitch where if you drop the yellow curse in a yellow wall you get stuck also I think the jump is to quick and should be a little more floaty

Thank you for the feedback. I had a floatier jump before this one and I didn't like it very much, but maybe making it weaker could be a good idea.
Which wall did you get stuck at exactly?

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Nice puzzle and traps :D I like the design and the level design. It's really easy to make dead end but there is always a way to fix your mistake. Thanks

UPD: I just said that it's easy to lockout yourself and I did it =) I took the green trophy, then fly back... when I reached the door, the level gets reset. I thought it was intentional, so I moved forward, took another check point and then here where I am.

I'll try to fix it soon, thank you for noticing this :D

I hope to see more levels, GREAT job!

Clever puzzle platformer. Nice!