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Some nice level of thinking needed to get through.

I found a glitch where if you drop the yellow curse in a yellow wall you get stuck also I think the jump is to quick and should be a little more floaty

Thank you for the feedback. I had a floatier jump before this one and I didn't like it very much, but maybe making it weaker could be a good idea.
Which wall did you get stuck at exactly?

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Nice puzzle and traps :D I like the design and the level design. It's really easy to make dead end but there is always a way to fix your mistake. Thanks

UPD: I just said that it's easy to lockout yourself and I did it =) I took the green trophy, then fly back... when I reached the door, the level gets reset. I thought it was intentional, so I moved forward, took another check point and then here where I am.

I'll try to fix it soon, thank you for noticing this :D

I hope to see more levels, GREAT job!

Clever puzzle platformer. Nice!