Pick up the small boy to start the game. Put it down to shoot.

WASD to move, spacebar to pick up and drop

The name NecroAmanti derives from the italian words Necromante (Necromancer) and Amanti (Lovers), and it's about the cooperation between two ghosts who can't win without each other.


Stefano Galligani @dog_ostrich : Code magic

msilvestro https://matteosilvestro.com/: Tireless Coding (something like 27 hours in two days)

Spaghettino : Design, curse words and general profanity

https://linktr.ee/tsukinyx ; Never worked on a game, smashed it out of the park with character design and almost every art asset

Ares9323 (@Ares9323) : overlays and effects, deep playtesting. Saver of the jam who could submit the only working build

Giovuz https://soundcloud.com/giovanni-mandia &
Fourpres  https://soundcloud.com/fourpres: Very promising sfx artists and composers 


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Great! Played through 20+ waves, liked the combat system. Also "whOOOooooooOOOH" nice art :)

If the game Is not starting on Chrome try another browser,Edge seems fine,it's a common issue


I couldn’t figure out how to shoot


We found out too late that people had trouble with this,info Is too Easy ti miss at the start.

 we've added controls in the description, please try again!


I couldn’t figure out what to do! There’s not tutorial and nothing says how to control the character. I like the art and the music but I can’t play the game because I don’t understand it!

You just have to read before pressing play, it's all written there 😅


We are so tired, but so happy! What a crazy weekend.

Thank you for playing