If you are playing on browser and you use the ESC key often, I don't suggest playing in full screen, because in that case it will exit full screen mode before working

In "Not today", you will have to analyze a scene and the actions of the many characters, and use your new knowledge to choose your own way to reach the objective.
Be ready. You only have two minutes and the characters will follow their paths as long as you don't interrupt them. You will have to rewind the whole scene to find out as many informations as you can. Will you unlock all the 7 endings?


SpaceInteract with merchants and gamblers
EUse your equipped item
EscGo back to the main menu / close a pop up window
EnterConfirm a choice
TabShow / hide map

For testing purposes, I will add a list of the different endings and how to get them.

Failure endingDie, hence causing the subsequent death of Elaine
Hopeless endingFail to save Elaine in time
Desperate endingSave Elaine after sacrificing someone else's life
Samaritan endingSave Elaine without killing anyone
Vigilante endingSave Elaine after killing the baron
Angel endingSave Elaine and prevent anyone else from dying
Devil endingKill everyone and let Elaine die

- Improved stealth section: guards are slower and their vision cone is smaller;
- Increased camera size;
- Reduced scale of the ui elements;
- Added some details to the map to make some zones more distinguishable;
- Tweening for the dialogue boxes, change in their shape and reduction in size;
- Changed a line of dialog to make it clearer where to get the knife;
- The log now shows only relevant information instead of every dialog line;
- A view of the map accessible with TAB or a ui button;
- Added a ui button to rewind while playing;
- The intro is now replayable from the main menu, and can be skipped with esc;
- Unique music lines for every ending;
- Fixed a whole lotta bugs;


Scripts, design, story, map, music: me

      license:   https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/
   Smashicons from www.flaticon.com
   Icon made from Icon Fonts is licensed by CC BY 3.0
   Pixel Art Gallery




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very nice I played the updated game, feels very good. Was a little buggy when i click on the restart button but that only happened once. Really like how once npc says some gamblers cheat too which made sense. 


Thank you, I made some things a little clearer based on the feedback I got (including yours, so thank you two times)