One bullet for each enemy. If you miss, you lose. It's actually awesome for aim training.

Controller is supported, dunno if it works on web though. 

Keyboard: Shoot with left mouse button, pause with space or right mouse button, quit with esc

Controller: Shoot with A, pause with B, quit with X. Press A during pause to toggle sounds

All is done by me, except for the laser sound, taken from a free sfx site.

Also i thank Jordan Han ( for the cover art.

Available for download,


One 19 MB


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Let's compare high-score!

(Disclaimer: it is not that high, but just to get it started)

I feel quite ashamed that it's higher than my best score xD

Well done!

simple game, fitting to the game jams topic, and fun to play! :)
The used graphic styles do not fit (but I think you already know)

Yeah, i made really simple assets just to give the game some color, i know they suck :/

Thank you for your feedback